RP05523/2 MOQ: 1

Single Flange Anti-Tresspass Panel

The single flange panel is a new concept. These will typically be fitted to the outside of the four foot. This full width panel was designed to eliminate the need to cut down the double flange panel and reduce on-site cutting. We have not only reduced waste, but made it possible to speed up installation times. The latest approval by Network Rail, granted acceptance to three variations of our unique anti-trespass panels. The new format of anti-trespass panels were developed from feedback derived from our customers. With demand for panels coming not only from the UK but also from Holland, France, Belgium, Turkey, Australia, Portugal and others, it is clear that these panels are proving increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. Not only were they re-designed to provide a greater deterrent, but also to minimise installation time and to provide a better end product that meets the requirements of railway administrations. Made from 100% recycled rubber, these panels are truly environmentally friendly. All panels are delivered complete with plastic 'planks' and fixing screws to enable immediate mobilisation. Extra fixing kits are available (in addition to those automatically supplied with each panel). Each kit comprises of 2 'planks' made from re-cycled plastic together with 8 fixing screws and washers. The plastic 'planks' maintain our tradition of providing products made from recycled materials.

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