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Rodded Crossing System

Features & Advantages Features •Each individual panel is manufactured over length and by means of rods moulded within the panels is compressed down to 1.8 metres long and held under compression during its lifespan. • This ensures dimensional stability in all conditions and combats compressive set which can occur from concentrated often high speed traffic, particularly at crossings at a very acute angle. Over an extended period compressive set can result in distortion and gapping which this new system avoids. • The crossing panels can be manufactured for wide, standard or narrow gauge. This system can be used in any situation but is particularly useful for very long crossings or those at an acute angle to the road. Advantages •The installation is very quick and simple as the panels are connected by just two bolts per panel which are then covered with rubber blocks for safety. Speed of installation can be further improved by the use of the Rosehill Rail safe lifting pins, click here for more information. • Even though each panel is under compression whilst insitu, individual panels can still be removed and replaced without the need to disturb or dismantle the remainder of the crossing. • When the manufacturers installation instructions are followed correctly, the entire crossing is held in one matrix and no panels can become accidentally dislodged.

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