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Laser Offset

The RP07561/2 allows the user to take height and distance offset readings from the running rails to a desired object or position such as a Platform or Datum Plate. Height and Offset values are displayed on a PDA allowing the operator on track/site exactly what has been measured at that given position. These values are calculations of measurements taken from a laser and inclinometer fitted to the gauge. The technique used to calculate the height and offset values enables objects to be measured even if they are below rail level. The tool is constructed from lightweight GRP and Nylon with a weight of just 8.0kg, ensuring that the gauge is insulated from the track Circuit. Set up time is less than 30 seconds. The vertical and horizontal sections are unfolded then clamped into position, the measurement laser is then attached. The Datum Laser Gauge measures height and distance offsets by using the measurement laser. The laser has five location holes on the vertical and horizontal arms of the gauge, by measuring an object from at least two of these positions the PDA software is able to calculate the height and distance offset of the object/location to the running edge of the rail. The horizontal arm of the gauge houses an inclinometer; the readings taken from this together with those from laser enable the software to calculate the super-elevation of the track which can be used for platform gauge working. Once the data is input into the PDA it can be saved to file and then downloaded to a PC and kept as a permanent record of the survey. For increased speed or for measuring bridge arches, a second laser can be used to locate the position of non-fixed points. Weight 7.3kg, Distance offset range 0-100m, Incline range 0-45, Height offset range 0-100m, Cant range 199mm.

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