Stock & Inventory Management...

RIVVAL undertook a major Stores and Inventory improvement project for Iarnrod Eireann that involved a range of activities in over 30 Signalling, Electrical and Telecommunications depots across the network. As of the contract RIVVAL limited accessed existing Iarnrod Eireann stores locations and undertook a range of lean improvements that included a 5S programme, the introduction of a stock control Kanban system, the identification of all stocks, the technical assessment of stocks and the cataloguing of a stock database that integrated stock across all depots.

Rest of the Story:

The project included the removal of non-conforming materials, clearance of obsolete material and improved housekeeping in depot area. Kanban cards introduced on an agreed range of products with minimum/maximum levels identified. Each location was provided with a process control system. Providing the operator and supervisor with an easy to use method of maintaining the Kanban and providing local maintenance with centralised control.