To meet Irish Rails GSM-R implementation project...

RIVVAL Ltd have successfully provid-ed a range of GSM-R Telecommunications equipment rooms for use on Iarnrod Eir-eann infrastructure to meet the require-ments of their GSM-R implementation project.

Building our TER Cabins

Using state of the art CAD/CAM design techniques the equipment rooms were designed to meet international, Railway industry and the customer standards. This method allows us to produce “Virtual Reality” designs prior to manufac-ture. The equipment rooms included the fitment of full air conditioning, se-curity access control, cable man-agement system, electrical services and fire alarm system.Rooms are finished complete ensuring that minimum site activity is required. The construction of the TERs is an important feature of our cabin design and the development of the chassis structure, floor panel assembly, wall panel assembly, roof panel assembly and fixture manufacture ensure a durable long lasting product has been produced.